Friday, April 8, 2011

Believe in him, who is Divine...???

They said:
Believe in him, who is Divine,
All would be on track again;
Everything would be Fine.

Just be positive and pray to him
Your hopes should not decline.

Helpless I was just silent 
Weeping in isolated times
Just a spectator I was; of that mercy-less time, 
 And their trust on Divine.

Again they came with noble words
"Nothing is in our hands at end; 
It is destiny that defines,
Don't let your morale go low;
Fight up with Time and
Believe in him, who is Divine" 

To sum up I say
He has never been with me,
From birth till this time. 
And now he has taken from me; 
The sole Treasure of mine.
I just can't believe in him,
The so called Almighty; The Divine.  


Unknown said...

Dear Prakash, I do not have enough words of praise for your poems. They go beyond the realm of creativity. Whenever I have read them, I have experienced a multitude of emotions and have identified with your thoughts. Please accept my congratulations for writing such good poems without any language barrier. You will continue to inspire people like me who like to read simple and true creations...the hallmark of your writing! Best wishes always.

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