Friday, April 8, 2011

Believe in him, who is Divine...???

They said:
Believe in him, who is Divine,
All would be on track again;
Everything would be Fine.

Just be positive and pray to him
Your hopes should not decline.

Helpless I was just silent 
Weeping in isolated times
Just a spectator I was; of that mercy-less time, 
 And their trust on Divine.

Again they came with noble words
"Nothing is in our hands at end; 
It is destiny that defines,
Don't let your morale go low;
Fight up with Time and
Believe in him, who is Divine" 

To sum up I say
He has never been with me,
From birth till this time. 
And now he has taken from me; 
The sole Treasure of mine.
I just can't believe in him,
The so called Almighty; The Divine.  

Friday, April 1, 2011

So Close She Is, Yet So Far !!!

So Close She Is, Yet So Far !!!
My Treasured Pearl, My Brightest Star;
Stays In Soul, In Counts of Heart,
Only In The Planet, None At Par,
So Close She Is, Yet So Far !!!

My Emotion, My Solitude;
Endless Journey, All Dreams So Far,
My Words- Phrase And Poetry
So Close She Is, Yet So Far !!!

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