Friday, August 6, 2010

Darkness To Light...

Darkness all around...
Thoughts standstill, all hopes in ground.
No life, no faces; felt is just sound,
Some images to remember; memories unbound.

Days without working; no schedules to bound,
Spirits polluted; all energy drowned,
Gloomy is the sky; haziness all-around,
My name (Prakash) has become antonym, with situation surround.

In this negativity comes some positive sound,
With prays of loved one's spell bound,
A light of hope and motivation rebound,
Strengths and positivity to get a turnaround.

Message: Few days back, it was all dark to me, as had a severe problem in eye, then had a successful retinal surgery. 
The above poetry is dedicated to my doctor Dr.Jay Prakash Purohit, S.V Eye Hospital, Vadodara and my friends (in initials) KT, SJ, AR, MK, MD and others. 

Image: The image above is one of the image of my retina.
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